About Us

Brad Heninger is the face behind Calgary based Heninger Photography.  Having a passion for capturing the human experience, photography was the obvious choice for his profession. Graduating at the top of his class from the Professional Photography Program at North Island College, Brad not only has the know-how, but the passion and talent to boot. Brad has been photographing children and dancers for over a decade now.  His patient demeanor and natural silliness put the children that he photographs at ease.  It is important to take the time with each child to ensure their comfort in front of the camera.  The result is photos of your child that show their personalities.  If you have any questions about our school photography please contact us using the form on the "Contact Us" page.  








Andrea Keller is our lead photographer.  Having a passion for photography, an abundance of patience and a gift for working with children, she is ideally suited to school photography.  Andrea has a keen eye for candid moments and has impeccable timing to capture true personality in her portraits.  Her calm demeanour and patience enables her to draw even the most shy children out of their shell.  Andrea is passionate about capturing the best images every time she is behind the camera and is always learning and developing new skills to complement the ones she has already mastered.