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Mallory and Dave

I think we were both dreading the photography portion of the wedding as neither of us are comfortable in front of a camera, many of our friends were either lukewarm about their photographer or much worse. We were not keen on paying someone to do that.... In fact we tossed around the idea of not getting a photographer or just hiring someone for an hour of family-type photos and rely on photos our guests took for the remainder of the day. We finally came to our senses and soon found that we would really have to pay full price for professional photos as photographers wouldn't want to book an hour in the middle of prime wedding season. Out of all the people we contacted you were really the only professional who was willing to even work with us without 100% commitment to a date. So we really feel that we lucked out. Your personality and style fit perfectly with us and our event and what we were dreading added to what was the best day of our lives.

Heather and Jason

Jason and I just want to say thank you for being with us this weekend! We had a lot of fun and are so glad you are so easy to work with! You fit in well with the group and kept us at ease with the photography. Thank you for everything!

Melissa and Colin

Thank you SO much for the wedding photos!! Colin and I went through them all last night and we absolutely love every single one them! You captured so many wonderful moments throughout the wedding ceremony and reception, these pictures are such a great reminder of our wedding day! It was so amazing to be able to relive the whole day by looking over your pictures. We especially liked that you were able to capture some of the humour of the day as well (Max blowing on the dandelion, and my brother with the deer antlers both crack us up completely)! Truly, we can't thank you enough for capturing our day so beautifully and completely!

Jenna and Vincent

Wow, thanks for getting those up so quickly! They are absolutely amazing!!! I am excited to see the rest (I realize they take a while haha, there's definitely no rush!)...you are so talented!! I want to thank you again for coming out there to shoot our ceremony. Both of our families were very touched that you were willing to make the trip in order to capture the special day, and I know that I speak for both Vincent and myself when I say how grateful we are that you did that for us. "Thank you" doesn't seem to suffice, but thank you soooo much Brad! We are very excited to have you there in July as well; you take the most amazing pictures!

Meredith and Paul

I want to just start by saying Thank you so very much!!! The pictures of our wedding day are perfection. I love the realness to them how you were able to capture emotion in a picture is true genius! As I look through the photos I truly can feel what I felt in those moments that you captured and can relive one of the most magical days in my life always. I know that not every emotion that was captured was what I hoped would be felt for us on that day but it is real, and in a way keeps our new life's journey together in perspective. I also am so thankful for one photo in particular of my Mom sitting at the diner table. My mom is the most beautiful person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and through all of the years has never been captured in a photo showing her beauty inside and out and it means the world to me to have this treasure you have given me. As our lives move forward you both will always be remembered. Thank you both for sharing in our lives and for giving us the everlasting memories of our wedding. My family and I wish you all of the best.

Katrina and Zane

We love the pictures! They are all awesome, I like the one with my veil in the light, the one with the brick wall with me and Zane, and the close up of myself and Zane... and all of them.. haha. We really like the group shot too, its great! And we had lots of fun that day and couldn't have been happier to have you do the pictures!

Nichole and Carlos

The photos are absolutely gorgeous, we both agreed that you did a phenomenal job, and the video made me cry! Thank you so much,

Kathy and Brandon

I wanted to make sure you knew how much we loved the package we ordered. The large black and white of us against the rock wall turned out more amazing than we ever imagined - we absolutely love it. (And so will everyone else when I put it at the top of the stairs in our new house - I will make sure to tell everyone who took the photo. ;) The coffee table book is great, perfectly captured US, and the fun we had those days. We couldn't have asked for anything more. :) So thank you for the amazing photos, you did a great job, and we will refer you to prospective clients over and over again.